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Fillers Machine
Cozzoli® PF Series of Powder Fillers

The Cozzoli's PF serias of powder fillers feature a unique dual-level supply hopper and agitator that provides a uniform level and density of material to the dosing chamber of each filling head to maximize accuracy and repeatability.
Available with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 dosing heads, this high-presicion powder filler can reach speeds up to 300 containers per minute, with accuracies of +/- 1% of fill volume. Powder fill ranges of 50mg to 75 grams con be filled in a single metered dose. A multi-dosing feature is available for larger fill volumes.
Dosing is a accomplished by applying a predetermined amount of vacuum to the dosing chamber. Once the chamber is filled with powder, the vacuum cuts off and a pinch valve opens, creating a pathway between the chamber and the filing nozzle. Positive pressure is then applied to the chamber, sending the powder through the nozzle and into the container. The system's powder pathway is complety enclosed, preventing any external contamination.
Cozzoli's patented, innovative filling process requires no scraper blades or particle-generating components that could contaminate sensitive sterile products. There are no abrading parts within the products contact area.


304 Stainless steel exterior
316 Stainless steel contact parts
Hopper and agitator assembly
Set of dosing heads
Filter replacement kit
Set of valve block plates
Solid Steel Frame
Vial locator assembly
Full lenght delrim feed screw
Multiple Container Handing
Programmable controller

Available Options

Dosing head size: 3/16" to 3/4" ID
Hopper mounted external vibrator
Segmented hopper/agitator kit
Container make-up and/or back-up detection
Machine casters
Sanitary conveyor legs
Filter replacement kits
IQ/OQ prorocol
PQ protocol

Factory acceptable protocol

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