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Pharmaceutical Equipment, Project Management & Technical Support

Rormac Packaging Systems is a provider of quality machinery, project management, after sales service and technical support for our clients in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetic, Personal Healthcare and the Food and Beverage industries. We are a company committed to providing the highest quality product and project management support to our existing and future clients. Our capabilities are already known and respected by a wide range of clients across the globe. Our clients have come to understand that Rormac Packaging Systems is unique in our single-minded approach to providing solutions to the client .

With a commercial and technical presence in the USA, Europe and South America we are well placed to provide an accurate and cohesive support system to our clients at the local level. We understand that in a global environment a local presence goes along way. As a company we are guided by a philosophy that dictates that our role is to provide solutions. We also understand that experience and expertise are key to any successful business. We accept nothing less that the best whether it is hiring employees or developing partnerships with key manufacturing and engineering companies.

Major Products and Markets Served

As a leader in the provision of machinery for the production and delivery of pharmaceutical parenteral product, Rormac Packaging Systems offers Automatic and Semi-Automatic Systems for the Filling and Stoppering of the BD Hypak ® prefillable syringe, Automatic and Semiautomatic Systems for the BD Uniject prefill injection device and Egg Harvesting and Inoculating machines that produce embryonic egg-cultured vaccines for human and veterinary use.

Some of the additional equipment we offer:

Unscramblers / Container feeders Container Handling equipment
Filling Equipment
Labeling Equipment
Cartoning Equipment
Tray packing Equipment
Palletizing / Depalletzing Equipment

Technical Services

Rormac Packaging Systems only hires degreed and trained electrical and mechanical engineers to service and support our equipment. We install and service all our equipment and provide full training and support to our clients. Our technical staff are at ease traveling and are fluent in various languages.

If you are a manufacturer we offer you the option to outsource your overseas service and maintenance calls with our support staff. We can train our technicians in your equipment and save you sending technical personnel overseas. Please contact us for more information.

We have a global reach and can satisfy your requirements no matter your geographical location.


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