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Feature Model:

Tooling boxes set new standards for the safe and convenient storage of tablet punches and dies.
Offering optimal convenience and protection for punches and dies, this patented product is constructed of polypropylene. Molded insert tray lifts from tote for easy cleaning. Head support elevates tooling above tray surface for easy removal. Long sleeves keep punches separated and prevent collisions between tools. Trays are available in ¾" (B Tray), 1" (D Tray), 1.125" (DD Tray) and 1.25" sizes.


• Product Versatility: four convenient Sizes To Choose From
• Three Separate Parts: for Easy Cleaning and Storage
• Removable Tray: Holds up to 72 Punches and 36 dies ("B" Tooling)

Products and Applications

Pharmaceutical Industry
Vitamins and Supplements
Candy Industry
Storage of Punches & Dies

• TTB-201 Tooling Box Set: 18"(L) x 11"(W) x 7"(H) 3/4" Tooling "B", 72 Punches, 36 Dies
• TTB-202 Tooling Box Set: 18"(L) x 11"(W) x 7"(H) 1" Tooling "D", 48 Punches, 24 Dies
• TTB-203 Tooling Box Set: 18"(L) x 11"(W) x 7"(H) 1 1/8" Tooling "DD", 33 Punches, 20 Dies
• TTB-204 Tooling Box Set: 18"(L) x 11"(W) x 7"(H) 1 1/4" Tooling, 33 Punches, 20 Dies

All dimensions and weights are nominal and may vary due to molding tolerances.

Embossed Custom Logo on Lid
Each Part Available Separately
Custom Colors Available at Nominal Color Charge
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