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Model: ACO
Bauman ® Unscrambler
Automatic Changeover Capability (No Changeparts Required)
Industries Served:

Personal healthcare

News flash: introducing our new model ng : this patented and unique unscrambler does not need changeparts or a secondary orienter downline. The new bauman ng unscrambles and orients "the" container within the same machine footprint. We do not discriminate ! Bring us your containers with handles, F-style or pre-labelled containers. The Bauman NG is ideal for projects with multiple containers. We have the solution for your unscrambling needs!.

Three Types of Changeover:

Manual (Without any change parts)
Semi-Automatic (Less than 10 sec. per funnel)

Our unscramblers are suitable for clean, efficient and low noise production environment through the minimal use of compressed air.
Standard Features

. Speeds 50 to 1000cpm
. Container range: 25ml to 5 litre
. PLC Controlled
. Touch screen control
. Stainless Steel container contact parts
. Zero Access
. Solid Steel Frame
. 75db
. Minimal use of compressed air
. Multiple Container Handing
. Fully wired
. Interlocks
. Panel enclosure

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